Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Day Four

Yes, there is a hole!
Today we visited the community of Share again. However the experience was much different. We had no home visits, but today was a “project” day. This included building a fence and a play area. The fence was for protecting the garden that will soon be there. The play area was made up of several old tyres which were half buried in a circular shape. We named this “tyrehenge”. Nik, Amy, Barry, Brian and Kristi all
worked on the fence building for the morning but were helped by everyone else including all of the care workers. Nik’s, Amy’s and Barry’s hole digging and fence building was the best... Obviously. We decided to call it a “NAB hole”. When we started to dig another “NAB hole” we came into a big problem. Cement. This meant that our hole was unsuccessfully built. Another difference of today was that our worship was not based on their songs; we decided to teach them a little song and dance.

After the children had finished school, they came to the care point where another difference of the days was obvious. We noticed that the children were more confident around us and also that we were more confident interacting with them. We spent a lot of time in group activities teaching the children some fun games from England. They loved the hokey cokey! Amy spent a lot of time with a young girl who we will call 'Daisy' playing around and doing hair. At first the girl was very shy and did not speak much, although she was happy with a cuddle and holding hands. However, just before Amy left Share, Daisy finally whispered her name and had one last cuddle before we return on Friday. This shows how these children just need love and affection to feel more comfortable and come out their shell. Nik particularly remembers spending valuable time with a young boy we will call 'Kaden' with him sitting on her lap, giggling and laughing. While he was enjoying himself, other children joined the two, platting Nik's hair and taking many pictures on her camera. To think that they made taking pictures so enjoyable was lovely to see. 
We have treasured every moment spent with them today and can't wait to see them again on Friday. 
 Nik and Amy, Schools Team 2013