Sunday, 14 July 2013

Departure and Day 1:
Group at Alzu listening to Chris

 “Today” was a long one; we have been travelling for 30 hours, but we have safely arrived in the village (Hands@Work) who have been amazing hosts so far and have been very welcoming. We have settled in to a warm meal and a cuppa. It has been a long day but it was all worth it.
Travelling to Heathrow, boarding and flying went smoothly, with slight delays in Jo’burg (someone forgot to pull across the tunnel).
We stopped at Alzu services on the way, where we met a lovely man named Chris, who has recently been in Mozambique, doing some charity work of his own. Chris could speak four of the eleven languages in South Africa, and gave us some advice on how to greet the people we meet and impress them in general. He was pleased to share what knowledge he had. Whilst at Alzu, we saw ostriches, zebras and rhinos etc. This was a great feeling as only Saturday we were in Great Wyrley, and then Sunday we were in the middle of South Africa, seeing these wonderful sights.
What struck us immediately as we drove to the Hands@Work hub, was the close proximity of the living of the very poor and the very rich; this came as a shock to us all and really put into perspective just how important the work we are involved in is.
Ryan writes for today(we will take it in turns)... today was a REAL rollercoaster because most of us  had no sleep what’s so ever/little sleep (in my case, Niamh had the luxury of using the most part of my room for her legs) , and to be thrown in a new country was a unique experience , as we were seeing new things and having to contend with thoughts that we have never had to consider. I am very excited to throw my self into the inner-workings and culture of South Africa.  

-          Ryan and Niamh, Schools team 2013