Sunday, 21 July 2013

Days 5, 6, & 7... by text message

Hi everyone...

If you have been anxious to read the next installment of the School Team's visit - sincere apologies...

They are all well - but have not been able to update the blog over the last few days as they have run out of data allowance on the internet connection they have been using.  They have been writing their blog and will hopefully upload it when they return to Hands at Work (which should be on Monday  22nd)

I have had brief updates by text from Lynne, one of the team of adult leaders, who asked me to tell everyone they are ok and explain why they have not been able to update the blog.

On Thursday 18th Most of the team had a day in the Kruger National Park and Friday 19th was another day with the community volunteers in the village of Share - working with orphaned and vulnerable children.

Saturday 20th was a rest day - with a visit to some local beauty spots and today (Sunday 21st) they were one their way to attend a local community church service in Share village.

Tomorrow (Monday 22nd ) they will have a last chance to be involved with the care workers before they return to Hands at Work in White River on Monday afternoon.

Thanks to all the team for writing so fully about their experiences and allowing us to share in their time in Africa... I know that friends and family back here in the UK are really proud of them, and  they are in everyone's thoughts and prayers.  It's likely  that the team will want to point out the remarkable work of  the care volunteers and we look forward to hearing more of their stories as soon as we can.

Many thanks to friends and supporters in the UK who have been helping and encouraging all the way.

Lord God.... Please keep the team safe.  Help them to do their job of encouragement well and please give the care volunteers the strength to carry on  their work.  Amen

Richard Westwood