Monday, 15 July 2013

Day two

The team on the steps at Hands Village

Today was long, with a lot more travelling; but finally, we have arrived at Wits (our accommodation until Sunday I think)!
This morning, all fifty to sixty current residents at Hands joined for a prayer gathering, which was a great experience.
When the prayers finished, our team sat outside for orientation, where we met Audrey, Melody and Simon. Audrey and Melody are two of the care workers here in SA, who we will be working with. After that, the team plus Audrey and Kristi made our way the couple of hours to the Care Service Centre, where we were given more information. Eventually, the team and Kristi arrived at Wits, where we settled and were given a three course meal, prepared by Thoco. The chicken was so good; especially compared to the aeroplane food. After dinner, we all sat and attempted to learn some Shangaan (the language for at Share tomorrow).
Niamh writes... It was extremely dark as we got to the Hands Hub last night, meaning that when the girls awoke this morning and opened our door, the view was really amazing. What a great start to the day! The Hands Family met at eight am for a prayer gathering. I’m really grateful we had the opportunity to join them, as this had such a great atmosphere. There was a lot of singing and dancing, as well as serious prayers. The whole team was introduced and made to feel welcome by the rest of the Family. Mom and Jake, I found your card! Thank you very much, it’s so cute. Love and hugs to the whole family, and also many thanks to all those who helped me fundraise to get here. Even with the large amounts of travelling so far, we can already tell this is just going to be amazing. We already have memories and have met some wonderful people.

Lynne writes... Love to all of the family, miss you lots. Hello to Sally.

- Lynne, Cathy and Niamh, Schools team 2013