Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Day Two - 31st July 2013

Today was an important and troubling day.
For those of us who had visited Share before, it was a day of return, to remark upon achievements and notice how far things have come.
The children at Share were laughing, playing, fighting and singing.
For us, the first-time visitors, it was a day of new beginnings, a difficult and bewildering journey, taking one tentative step at a time.
But hope is there. Hope is when Audrey tells us these children still have family, even though they have lost or are losing everyone who has loved them.
Hope is when Hannah talks of old friends and Andy points to a fence the schools team built and keeps these dusty children safe.
Hope is knowing we will return.
Linda- Church and Community Team 2013

When we went to Share, we all introduced ourselves in a game, we had to say 2/3 things about ourselves, we told them about our family and what we like. We learnt about each other’s background, It was very interesting, we are all very different!

Georgia- Church and Community Team 2013