Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day Three

Beth & Aimee writes

Today was quite emotional, it was the first of our days in the community. We each split up into small groups alongside adults from the team and care workers from the Nhluvuko centre. Myself and Aimee and were in a group working with Wendy and two care workers, we visited an amazing lady named Esther. She was real inspiration. Despite losing her husband and having to care for her grandchildren due to some unfortunate circumstances she’s making the most of what she has. She’s set up her own business growing fruit and vegetables which she sells to make money for her family. She has next to nothing yet we never heard her say a negative word.
Later that day we had a shared meal with the care workers and the local children who they care for. Once again, we were all so inspired by the kids. All they want is the chance to get to act like children should, they want to play and laugh and mess around, their faces lit up purely because we gave them our time. It’s been a real eye opener, it’s impossible to imagine what it’s going to be like until you actually witness it. We’re so excited to be back tomorrow and hope it’s another successful day.

Beth & Aimee schools team 2013