Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day Ten

The day started with a shared breakfast with George Snyman where he talked about the ethos of Hands at Work, our impact on the community and some suggestions of what we could do on our return to the UK. His words were very inspirational and made people consider how to spread the word and how to get more involved in Hands. Some of these suggestions included remembering people’s names and stories and talking about them when we return. This is good as it almost makes the stories more real and if we show a photo of the person it will put a name to a face which should encourage people to become actively involved in supporting Hands. After this we had a group debrief with Kristi and Dan. We were asked to consider things such as ‘what’-what has affected us, ‘so what’-why it affected us and ‘now what’-what we are going to do now.
The team with Kristi, our much valued contact at Hands

 This debrief helped us to put everything into perspective and, consider what we will take from the trip and, it made us realise how life changing this trip truly is which hopefully will mean a difference has and will be made. As soon as the debrief had finished we had to say a final goodbye to Hands, which felt odd as in a way it was where our journey started and ended, so it was rather emotional. After leaving Hands we made our way to Mercy Air, which is meant to be a place which integrates us back to normal society. We were shocked to see how amazing the surroundings were, with a pool, games room, trampoline and massive houses between us. When we reflected we appreciated the beauty of the surroundings but also felt guilty for having this luxury when we believe it would have been much nicer for the Care Workers to experience it instead.   Nic and Amy, Link for Life Schools team