Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Day One - 30th July 2013

So, we have arrived safe and well and are blogging to you now from Wits accommodation. We are all well and just come back in from a team debrief from around the fire. Almost everyone is asleep now as the most have gone to bed or crashing listening to Ryans guitar and singing very badly! Mmabatho and Ryan write today about their experiences since arriving.

Hi my name is Mmabatho and I am with the collective from Link for Life here in Mpumalanga.  I am youth worker from Matlosane diocese. It has been great meeting members from the Great Wyrley today we got informed about the wall for Hands @Work and they are doing pretty amazing work. We got to sit in the fire and debrief of all that had happened since we got to Mpumalanga and my best moment was when we got to wait for the group to arrive from the airport although I didn’t know any of them I was filled with so much joy. It has been a very wonderful time so far for me and the other member Kagiso.

Hello! It’s Ryan Bickley, a big hello to everyone in England! Hope Mom and Dad and brothers are doing well and the house isn’t too quiet without me!
Today has been a very enlightening day. During my first visit to South Africa I struggled to understand a lot of the motives and objectives of the charity and where it was going, it’s a big thing to understand, especially when so many other things are going on in life, but today we all engaged in a long explanation into what Hands @ Work is all about, and where we lie in our mission. For some of us it has been our first time for this information and we have learnt about the Hands @ Work wall.
And understanding the foundations and aims of Hands @ Work will make my time here much more efficient in what I’m doing. Especially for the people for whom this is the first time, as they go out with a clear mind, so I’d definitely recommend it for everyone who participates!

On a personal note, I have forgotten how beautiful the African night sky is, it’s much different without any pollution! Feels like a second home to me over here, we always manage to work so well as a family in the groups we go in, we have a vibrant mixture of talents and traits and everyone is so lovely, Kagiso and Mmabatho are two people I have never met before and have joined our family, and they are absolutely brilliant and devoted to the task at hand. I am so anxious to work with these people and ‘get our hands dirty’, because as Kagiso said, that is Hands @ Work.