Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day Nine

Schools team and carers at Share
We spent this morning saying our last goodbye’s to the care workers. To say thank you for their hospitality, we put on a little show. This included many English hymns such as “Come on and celebrate” and “Kum baya”. We also made 2 skits which were to humour the care workers. Our skit included a representation of our “experience” in Kruger National Park. The care workers truly loved our impression on the animals, especially Amy’s warthog. Barry and Brian did a skit which included them dressing up as care workers and doing what they would do. This included sweeping, carrying a baby on their back and carrying fruit on their head, all at the same time. Let me just tell you that the fruit was sellotaped to Barry’s head and still fell off. After our skits, we washed their feet just like Jesus did for his disciples. They loved it. One Care Worker specifically said “this is luxury”.

Just as we set off to leave, some of the children turned up at the care point. This made us all very emotional as we had to say goodbye all over again. 

Petros and his family
After our emotional goodbyes we met a man called Petros and his family who we shared a picnic with in Delani. He was a very inspirational man as we learned about his life experiences. We also discovered how he helps the most vulnerable people in his community and tries to get them involved with the church to stop them turning to sex and drugs. His church is only temporary and therefore is simply a wooden structure. They are planning to build a concrete structure but there’s no set date to when this could possibly be done. They have made all of the bricks using concrete, water and sand. It was amazing to see what people can do when they have a set goal in mind. Petros can’t tell the volunteers when their church will ever be finished and yet they continue working to build bricks. We then returned to the village at Hands where we shared in a hamburger evening and music entertainment by Ryan and Nik.  Nic and Amy, Link for Life Schools team