Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day Five, Six and Seven

Sorry that we have not been posting for a few days, we ran out of data and couldn't find anywhere to get more credit........ not surprising as we are in the middle of rural South Africa.
We are at hands now and struggling to post using the intermittent Wifi at the village. Please excuse us if it is a few days before we post again...... Brian

Day Five
Niamh and Ryan write...
Today was entertaining; we spent the day at Kruger National Park.
Our alarms went off at 4:45 this morning (even though certain people didn’t get up *cough* Ryan *cough*), as Kruger opens at six. It was R204 each, which works out at only about £14.

We saw giraffes, elephants, hippos etc. Most of the day was spent starting and stopping as we photographed the wide variety of animals. This had a very rewarding feel to it, as we had to concentrate on every part of our surroundings to get the animals we wanted.

Due to not reading instructions, we arrived at the secondary gate at 5:31. The gate closed at 5:30. Oops. This meant that we had to pay for an escort to drive us the hour out of the park. On the way out, we finally saw the lions we had searched for all day, and they performed when we needed them to, a whole pride came all at once and were lazing around on the side of the road. Can we just say not many people get to see Kruger in the dark, let alone with an armed escort!

It was a wonderful day in the park and the late leaving was due to being so caught up in our surroundings, and a long time spent buying gifts in the gift shop. Just to say that the armed escort out of the park was so that the wardens could ensure that we didn’t endanger any animals, so we were in no real danger......Brian

Day six - Community, Beth, Aimee & Jordan write...

We set off at 8:00 AM for another day in the community. Today was special, not only because we got to bring the children toys to play with, but it was also our final day where we would see the kids. When we first arrived we joined in with worship and songs with the care workers, we then started work on painting the tires we had buried on Wednesday. 
"Tyrehenge" painted!!!!!
Some people also helped by finishing to build the fence we had started previously. Beth & Aimee helped with the cooking by slicing beetroot in our hands(which stained) like the care workers showed us and preparing part of the meal. After a few hours of playing with the children it was sadly time to say goodbye. It was quite emotional as its unlikely we’ll ever get to see the children again, it was especially hard because some of us had became very close to certain children. 

As an adult member of the team, it was good to be doing something physical this year, something which will help the care centre, and while digging the post holes and repairing the fencing, seeing the others playing with the children. While working on the fence, it was a great opportunity to talk with Promotion, Nklakla, Evelin and Precious, the other care workers and Audrey and Melody and to hear their stories.......... Brian

Day Seven

Waving to ourselves in the shadows at Bourke's Luck Potholes
We spent  the day touring through Blyde River Canyon, which everyone enjoyed, and would love to have that amazing opportunity again! Visiting The Three Rondevals what such a spectacular sight! After seeing The Three Rondevals we visited Bourkes Luck Pot Holes which was brilliant, and we all had such an amazing time jumping from rock to rock...even though some people did fall in the river (Everyone but Nik only Jordan sacrificed himself...which he shouldn't have done) and then made our way to God's Window.
The day ended with Pancakes at Harries Pancakes. Mmmm! Written by Jordan.