Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day Eight

Today we took part in worship at 'Churchablaze' which was very different from our normal church service. It included lots of people shouting and crying over other people. Also, there was no specific “leader” to the service but it seemed to be lead by many people all taking over swiftly from each other. It was very emotional for the people in the service and even for us who were only observing. The service went on for 2 hours and contained many songs, all praising the Lord. While one person was preaching, there was another person translating for us into English. We found this to be quite a large barrier as the preacher would often not stop to let the translator complete the sentence. Therefore we ended up only understanding half of the service. Overall it was a very unique and memorable experience. After the church service, we decided to spend the rest of the day around the pool. Let me add that it was a cold pool, hence the “around” rather than “in”. Nic and Amy, Link for Life Schools team