Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday 5 August - A rest day

Hi everyone, Brian, Alan & Wendy here.

Got up to another incredible morning here in white River. We broke into two groups today, one went shopping while the rest of us went to the Church in Touzhill.

It was an amazing lively service, nothing like we are used to but very good, with a very thought provoking 40minute sermon, watch out St Michael’s. We were made to feel very welcome by many and had a good talk with Latisha, a nurse and Lesley, a primary school teacher and Katrina a local Doctor and Mike and Jean local farmers. He used to be book-keeper for Hands at Work.

After a meal of burger and chips we went onto the Botanical Gardens at Nelspruit which was very relaxing and those of us with cameras spent a long time walking around trying to photograph illusive birds and lizards.

After returning back to Hands, a group of us made a Sunday roast dinner which was extremely nice despite taking a very long time to cook. It left a lot of washing up, which some of us had to share.

It has been a lovely day to relax and reflect on the wonders of God’s creation in the midst of the situation we are here to observe, and help, in any way that we can.

We have just finished packing all the T Shirts, Track suits which we brought from our Brownies. They will be distributed to the Communities by the Care Workers.

Time to go to bed, we are very tired. Up in the morning at 6.30a.m. and off to Buskbuckridge Service Centre by 9.15a.m. 2 ½ hours away. We will be going to Witts to unpack by 2p.m.and we are staying there until Friday, then back here.

Enough for now.

God bless