Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday 6 August 2012 – Village of Clare A in Bushbuck Ridge

Laura Jovacich writes...
What we’re doing here in South Africa and the extent of it finally really hit me today -or more so what the people here are doing and the extent of that. We had the programme that Hands @ Work run within the different communities properly explained to us today and it really hit home what a difference they were making – like how they start relationships through home visits and make sure the children that need it are then matched with service centres ensured the three essential services (health/security, education and food.) We then went on to visit a service centre at Clare’ A’ and I really just fell for the place. Even though the language barrier was much stronger than at Senzo’ Kuhle and the children were not as initially as energetic, as soon as we found a ball to play catch with or initiated a game of tig, the children and care workers alike came out of their shells and the joy on their faces meant more than any conversation could. Today has truly been a wonderful day and hopefully a sign of what is to come for the rest of our stay.

I miss you all back home,

Hope everything’s ok,

Laura xxx

Making Friends

Today begun with a hands@work prayer meeting and it made me realise the importance of teamwork within such a large organisation, particularly when dealing with wounded children and families, and to have a team to discuss and share feelings helped me to comprehend what I’m doing here in South Africa. And support the amazing care workers and the important duty they do. Later in the day we moved on to ‘Clare A’ where we met a diverse range of children and care workers, initially the language barrier was difficult, but these insecurities were soon demolished with the help of a simple game with a plastic ball. Soon we were learning names and bonding together, this is when I suddenly realised the importance of a name. A little girl aged 11 previously mentioned her name was ‘Fortunate’ eventually I gained the confidence to sit by her and in the dust I simply wrote ‘Fortunate’ a huge smile grew across her face and from that moment on we were inseparable. And so the relationship grew simply on knowing her name. And so I learnt communication isn’t purely based verbally.

Thinking of everyone at home.

I love you.

Maddy x
Hello, Leah again,

Well kind of woke up this morning being a bit dim but at around 8ish Me, Maddy, Joe, Richard, Rose, Liz, James and Wendy went to the big Hands @ Work prayer meeting which I found really helpful and encouraging.

Then we travelled to Hazyview to pick up a lady called Sis Audrey – Audrey is a lady that works incredibly close with the communities Hands @ Work associate with. Once we picked Audrey up we then drove about an hour to the Service Centre in Bush Brook Ridge, Audrey then introduced us to her team at the care centre one was a 19 year old lad called Ralph and one was a lady called Yolande. Audrey then explained what communities are getting the three basic essentials; these are - food, education and basic health care, this was very interesting as it described what communities were being most effected by their unfortunate situation. We stayed at the service centre for about an hour and then drove to Witz (this is where we are all staying until Friday)so we very quickly dumped our stuff off and drove to Clare A. This was a community I have never visited before, so I was really excited. Once we arrived in the local church, we all scrambled out of the car and we introduced ourselves to the care workers then I walked over to a large group of children and introduced myself, every time I shook their hands they all ran off laughing and chuckling it was so adorable!! I then spoke to a young group of girls called Forgive, Nauay, Occasion and a few more they were all around the same age of about 13/14, we then played a game of catch but like a more intense version with defending it was really fun and I think the children enjoyed it(-: After a very intense game of sort of catch, the food was ready (today Rose, Sam, and Pauline were making the cheese sandwiches, while the rest of us played with the children) I gave out the oranges, while Rose gave out the sandwiches, I was shocked to see some of the older children bowing when we were handing them the food, they must have been so grateful. After when the children were eating I took out my camera and the atmosphere changed incredibly, they were all fascinated and a little boy started dancing, and the children were posing. It was good to see that they had smiles on their faces. What surprised me today was a young girl about 3 or 4 had a very small cut on her leg, and she wiped away the blood with an orange peel, and their was no emotion on her face to show anyone that it hurt, I then got her a tissue and the blood cleared up. I also met a little girl today who was 4 called nyboodley (not sure on the spelling) we skipped around the front of the church until it was time for us both to leave.

Had such an amazing day today, really stands out that the children don’t have much but when they do get something to play with they will really make the most of it!

CCCCCallam cant believe you’ve finished Chamber Of Secrets, why you gone completely Lady Gaga? And Danidooo best be giving buttons a big hug at night time!

Love you and miss you all!

Night Night!