Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Hey everyone. So here comes a rather overdue post from those left behind in Africa.
On Wednesday we went to visit a mobile clinic that travels and sets up in a banana plantation once a week. The workers there go to the clinic if they need to, and take their babies for their check-ups. Outside is the crèche for the young children of the workers. They get taken there early in the morning and are left all day, sometimes 30 children with only a couple of women looking after them, and they often fall asleep in the dirt or are left to cry.

All we were there to do was play with the kids, and it was so fun! They were too young to talk to us so all we could do was feed them yoghurt and play with them. I sat with a girl called Lebo who wouldn’t smile for half an hour. She would only smile when I tickled her but eventually I spun her round and she laughed, and I took her to play with a group of girls. She was suddenly a different child and I’ve never seen a kid laugh so much! She was climbing all over me and wouldn’t let me go. I stayed with her until we left. As we started to leave she must have seen people beginning to say goodbye because she wrapped her arms and legs around me and wouldn’t let go. I took her to another girl and put her down, and as I was saying goodbye and crying she was standing there beaming and waving. I cried as we pulled away in the van, but she had come to the gate to wave, still grinning.
Joe & James: We’ve had two days at Hands helping the maintenance team around the village. We’ve been doing things such as digging and repairing concrete foundations, making metal structures, helping Dave the mechanic and cutting building materials to size. We met a man called Bethuel who was a young orphan when Hands@Work first met him, now at 22 years old he works for Hands on the maintenance team and still provides for his two younger brothers. Another member of the team, John, is in his 70s (he doesn’t know his exact birth date) and still works 5 days a week 8 hours a day manual labour!
Hi from Lizz…

After a couple of days chilling at Mercy Air we’ve come back to Hands for the week.

I’ve been helping out with hospitality and office work, meeting loads of people who work here and getting far more of an insight into what goes on behind the scenes. I spent yesterday with three ladies who do hospitality up at the house which the school team stayed in, who clean and cook and prepare the rooms. They were great, funny women who live in Masoyi and I got to talk to them and learn a bit about them. Today I worked in the office printing and putting together books, and typing up a talk that George Snyman gave recently. His talk was on the Hands model, Nehemiah’s building of the wall. I got to see what the staff here do and understand more of the complicated work that has to be done to run a charity which spans southern Africa.

It’s great living at the Village and meeting everyone who lives here: the morning started which ladies’ prayer which was very special, and this evening there was a shared meal for the whole family.

We're praying for the community team as they travel out to meet us on Thursday. Hope the journey is quick and easy and you all get here safely. Lizz, Joe and James.