Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day 1- Senzokuhle Community

Hey Leah here (-:

Had a long two days travelling to Hands @ Work, but today reminded me of why we travelled here. Today we visited a place called Senzokhule ( a place I visited last year)sadly I didn’t see anyone I recognise last year. When we arrived at the home base care centre about twenty minutes in and we were all attempting to sing along to the beautifully sung melodies in siswatti lead by a women named SisCindy who we collected on the way along with three other children. After the singing the children started showing of their talent some did this by acting out the issue of HIV/AIDS in their community this was taken incredibly lightly as during the performance some children laughed, when usually it’s a taboo subject then a group sang beautifully and then two young girls and a young boy divised poems to perform in front of us these were based upon the importance of education, one girl wrote what she would do if she was president, and spoke about the unfairness of the country and one did about the blackbird of Africa. After we all split into groups as there was many tasks that needed doing these were painting, gardening, and laying down tyres

I met some new children today and spent the majority of the day with a beautiful 12 year old girl called Lindokuhle, we dug up the garden and then she taught me a class hand singing game. Then Lindokuhle showed me how it was meant to be done (with another little girl) and well they were fantastically quick! We gave out food for the children: (and for us) a peanut butter and jam sandwich, and orange, a drink and some sweeties! This year we are eating alongside the children which I thought was so much better because there is away of equality about it. Today was very good a good way to start the two weeks.

Love to home and everyone! Missing you all incredibly, Danidoo even caught myself singing….Doctor nickibottey nickeybotte number 9.. and wallam still on page 50.. your so going to winnn!! Hope your okay Mum and Dad. I love youuuu

Good night love from South Africa.