Sunday, 12 August 2012

Church in Delani Bushbuck Ridge

Hello from Brian We woke today to a strong wind and the local town of Hazeyview was certainly living up to its name. A group of 6 of us; Richard, Rose, Wendy, Leah, Maddy and me left at 8am for the journey to Delani to join Petrus at his Church. We collected Audrey on the way and arrived to a wonderful welcome by Petrus, his wife Julia and the Church community. The Church may be simple in construction, but the quality of the worship that we enjoyed was equal to any service I have had the pleasure of attending. As well as us visitors, there were visitors from local Churches that Petrus had invited and people coming along to worship for the first time. The service was lead by Julia and we enjoyed several songs before prayers and some of the congregation gave their testimony's which Petrus translated. Petrus continued to translate some of the service, but even listening to the worship in the Tsonga language, I could not help but be struck by the sincerity and depth of faith in the worship. It was an honour to be there to join in their worship and we were there with Hands at Work to continue to support Petrus as he cares for the orphaned and vulnerable children in his village. Audrey spoke about the need for the local community to be a part of taking God's love out to his children in need and this was repeated by Richard as he was invited to speak. Richard used the English game of "follow my leader" to illustrate the need for us to follow Christ's example. Follwing the service Julia very kindly invited us to their house where she had generously prepared a lovely chicken and rice meal for us. I know that I am not alone in being overwhelmed by the generousity of everyone we met and we will continue to pray for them as they pray for us. After a very adventurous trip to drop Audrey off, we returned to Hands for some rest and our evening meal. God bless.