Friday, 20 July 2012

Day 6 - 19th July 2012

Hey it’s Izzy, I had a great day today. Probably my favourite.

We went to share to do some HBC (home based care) and I went to see two houses. In the first house the mother Bosani was making a mat out of very thin straw like bamboo things to sleep on with a blanket on a cold stone floor. Their whole house was the size of my living room and there were 4 of them living there. She showed us her garden full of cabbage, tomatoes and beetroot.

In the next house there was a mother who was sick looking after 3 kids but she was only allowed 1 grant for 1 child in the family. All together there were 8 living in one house and it was only a tinny bit bigger than the first one we visited.

Back by the HBC centre Joe and Shane were painting a sign on the wall because the building was new. We waited for the kids to arrive and we had some pap, cabbage, beans and chicken. Pap is very filling. Afterwards we got out hula hoops, balloons, bubbles and the parachute. I was blowing bubbles for the kids and then giving it to them to try and they loved it! This boy called Manz Obedient was really funny and he loved the bubbles he was only 10. He thought I was 19! :D He couldn’t believe it when he found out I was only 14 he spent about 20 minutes asking me over and over again and asking other people if I was telling the truth. I didn’t want to leave because I had only just started talking to him properly and he wanted to take lots of pictures with my camera.

I’m having such a great time here and I really want to come here again.

Lots of love from Izzy xxx

Hey everyone its Hannah. Today was a really tough day for me today as we were back in Share. Yesterday I made a really strong connection with this 13 years old boy called Tabo an saw him again today. From a young age he had physio that stopped working eventually, which he no longer has. He has issues with his neck shoulder and left hand. Tabo was in grade 5 and I taught him how to swing a hula-hoop on his arm. As soon as I saw him today I was given a huge hug off him and greeted with a huge smile and it was really hard to say goodbye. Tabo lives with his grandmother who some others met when they went on home based care in share the first day. Hopefully he will continue to do well and keep making progress and hopefully if I get the chance to come back I shall meet him again in a few years time.

I’ve loved it here and cannot believe we have been here a week now, feels like I never left.

Miss you all,
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx