Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 3 -16th July 2012

Hello everyone Abbie I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet as I do like to waffle and I will be here night if I have my way. Anyway I hope everyone’s okay back home, I'm alive and fine mom before you start worrying and having an amazing time as to be expected. Firstly I would like to say that everyone is doing so well out here although they are really really doing amazing they’re all loving it and doing so well and you can see change already.

Anyway on Saturday we went to Belfast and there was this little girl Tambuko and she was just beautiful I can’t explain how lovely she was, she was around 3 and tiny, she lives with her grandmother and her older brother of around 8 and her younger sister of around 2 but unfortunately I do not know their names. She was holding my hand and showing me round and kept wanting to be picked up and when I had her she didn’t want me to let her go, the worst part due to it being the saddest for me personally was when she called me mom, I put her down for a spilt second and she just looked up at me with her big brown eyes and then lifted her arms up and went ‘moma’ my heart bled it was heart breaking that she was doing that and then she wouldn’t let me go. Carleigh a Canadian woman who’s been staying at Hands for a while told me normally she was really bubbly and hyperactive but when I had her she kept on coughing and was all lethargic. The only thing that seemed to make her have the hint of a smile was if you tickled her a little.

At one point two of the boys stole her lolly pop and she was crying and crying so I rocked her to sleep singing in my awful singing voice and then she just fell to sleep on my lap for a good hour or so, when we had to leave she turned around and waved at me with the rest of the children the same age or younger she was walking home with. Much to my delight we went back to Belfast today to do the de-worming project and my lovely little Tambuko looked at me and ran through the fence, it has to be said she seemed lot better today which was an obvious relief and although she dropped her food on the floor (rather a replica of my clumsy self) and cried we soon calmed her down and she actually ate some things today as apposed to the other day where she didn’t touch her food. I know I’m waffling on now but she was so so beautiful, if I had it my way mom we would be having another child in the house.

Anyway I’m going to go now got lots of thing to do, love you all stay safe

Ab xxxx

Hey it’s Jess F or mouse, as Shane would say,

Today we went to a place called Sommerset in the morning to do home based care. Before we went off with our groups we played a game where you had to say to the person next to you saying “Mrs Mumba, Mrs Mumba, where’s Mr Mumba?” but without showing your teeth, I was actually crying with laughter. Then we went off in our groups with care workers, I was with 3 care workers called; Gladness, Martha and Linah. My group only ended up actually visiting one house and I was really surprised by it, as it was a really beautiful house. The woman we met who lived there was called Emelina who was 65, she had 2 sons, 1 daughter who sadly passed away and 3 grandchildren. She had many ornaments in her house, which looked like she had been collecting them for many years. She was making these really cool mats with bamboo sticks and she taught us how to make them, which I was quite proud of!

After doing home based care we went back to the same place in Belfast as the other day. We took the parachute for the kids to play with and it was lovely to watch they all looked like they was having so much fun. Then we everyone started dancing, but to be honest none of us really could and one of the kids showed us how it was done. I then met a little girl which was called something along the lines of Sing but I didn’t quite catch it and she was so sweet she kept coming up to me hugging me and telling me she loved me. It was quite sad when we had to leave as we won’t be visiting there again and the kids were all so lovely. When we were saying bye a lad about my age kissed me on the hand, which I found extremely cute!

Anyway I’m going to go now, miss and love all my family and friends

Jess xxxx