Saturday, 14 July 2012

Day 1- 14th July 2012

Hi everyone, it’s Izzy (Stirk) and I'm really enjoying it here! I’m not missing anyone too much yet but then again, it is only my first day. We went to Belfast today and made peanut butter and jam sandwiches. All the kids got a sandwich, some cheesy crisps like big wotsits and a very large orange with a very hard skin.

At first the kids weren’t really taking to me but when we had to split up into teams to go and fetch tools and manure for the garden they want to grow, I stayed at the youth centre to try and bond with the kids. There were a few that I picked up and they liked it when you spun them round and things. It’s really nice seeing them smiling and laughing J When I got my camera out the one boy was really eager to take pictures but he had his fingers over the lens but I do have a few of feet and half of my face.

I really enjoyed the prayers and singing today even though I’m not religious. Their voices are just so good (makes me jealous) and when everyone’s clapping along and really getting into it, it really gives you goosebumps and it gives you a chance to step back and really look at where you are and what you are doing.

Everyone there today really loved having us there and they even wrote ‘I love you’ on the minibus window in the dust. I am getting along really well with everyone and I have just come in from sitting on the trampoline singing songs. We played a one line game and all Daniel could come up with was ‘L---E----XI’ it’s very funny.
Night xx
<3 Izzy (S)
P.S everytime I smiled the kids stared at me because of my braces and one girl asked why I had earrings in my teeth :D

Hey, Jess (Burton) here J I had a great time today in Belfast. At first it was awkward because I didn’t really know what to say to the kids but they were really friendly and some of the girls were the same age as me. After we got back from collecting the mealy meal bags and manure for the garden they’re creating, a small boy ran up to me and hugged me. So I picked him up and rested him on my hip. It was a great feeling to know that he came to me for affection and he clung to me for the rest of the time we were at the village. It was great to know how much everyone appreciated us being there and I was sad to leave luckily we’re visiting again Monday.

I had a great night tonight we sat on the trampoline and sang songs and looked at the stars, it was lovely socialising with everyone and it feels like we’re getting closer already.
Talk soon x