Thursday, 12 July 2012

At the airport

Jess B here from the 2012 team, just at the airport waiting for the delayed plane. can't wait until we arrive in South Africa. I'm looking forward to all the scenery and meeting the children. When I get back I hope I will have a better understanding of the cultures of South Africa, I want to feel as if I've helped to make a difference no matter how small, I would also like to realise how lucky I am and be a lot more grateful for everything I have. I only have one worry which is that I will miss my friends and family but I'm sure as the two weeks progress I will feel as if I have a second family and a lot more friends. :)

Lex here from the 2012 team
sat on the floor of the airport shaking with nerves and excitement! Ready to go and start what we have been working towards for the past 12 months and learning so much more about the local cultures and lifestyles...when I get home I hope to feel like I have helped to make a difference and made new friends. I'm going to miss all my family and friends so much and I will be thinking about them every step of the way.

Hi Jess F here sitting around waiting in the airport! as nervous as I am I'm so excited, I can't wait to experience a new culture and learning a completely different lifestyle. I'm really looking forward to making new friends and hopefully friends for life! Going to miss my friends and family so much but they'll always be in my thoughts.

it's izzy, i really don't know what to write here apart from how excited I am! I can't believe I will be in south Africa for the next two weeks without family, good thing I have some great friends around me xxx :)

its Daniel , I'm really looking forward for this trip, this will be one of the best experiences ever, can't wait for this!!! love to all my friends and family xxxxxxx :)