Sunday, 29 January 2012

Settling in

We have had a busy weekend; buying dongles, SIM cards and airtime bundles to help us communicate with supporters at home. We have been to Touzhill Church where some of the worship songs were in Afrikaans. Apparently at other times they are sung in siSwati but mostly in English. Outside Andrew and Sam climbed avocado and mango trees. It was good to catch up with people we had met during previous visits to the Church. We received several invitations to visit these friends. Yesterday we spent a lot of time with Sibusise from Swaziland. His name means ‘blessing’ in siSwati and he certainly was a blessing to us yesterday. He is spending some time at Hands at Work learning skills he can take back to his own community later this year. We talked about the education and health systems in the UK and in Swaziland. There are many differences. He was amazed that so few people in the UK regularly went to church (2%) and he asked the question with some urgency that is challenging us all; ‘What is the church doing about that?’ Later I felt self conscious as I loaded the trolley with, what by UK standard would be considered a moderate amount of food for a family of four for the next few days. I wondered what he was thinking. Would that amount of food only be eaten at a time of celebration in the community he comes from? He has certainly challenged me to think about how much I eat.
Thanks for following this…..I wonder who we will meet tomorrow in Bushbuck Ridge.  Rose