Friday, 27 January 2012

Long Journey- Safe Arrival

Richard, Rose, Andrew and Sam Westwood here...

After a long flight courtesy of Turkish Airlines ( via Istanbul!) we arrived safely in Johannesburg this morning, and then drove through a beautiful, sunny and hot South Africa to White River where we have settled in to the Hands @ Work in Africa base.  We have enjoyed a meal with Paul and Cathy Middleton at Mercy Air (Thanks Cathy) and we're now looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Istanbul Airport is fascinating... we had a 6 hour wait between flights, but it seems that pretty much the whole world is passing through... Rose and Sam enjoyed a drink of Turkish tea and Andrew and Sam found a lovely moving pavement to test out (several times!)

Many thanks to the many people who have, in many different ways,  helped us to get here.  Thanks for your prayers - we feel very supported and loved.  God has been very good to us.

We stopped for a rest on the drive at  service station, (excellent drink of coffee!) and were served by a very kind man called David, who was from Zimbabwe... and as we chatted it became clear that there are many hidden parts to life here in Africa.  He is trained satellite engineer in Zimbabwe, but earns twice as much in South Africa as a waiter as he would plying his trade as an engineer in Zimbabwe, and his wife also works in South Africa... they both have to leave their three year old son (Emmanuel) with grandparents in Zimbabwe- making ends meet means that this is how it is.  They see their son every three months!.  "Is it any better there (Zimbabwe)?" I asked.
He replied with honesty... "It is .... for some!"  Perhaps it was too big a question for an interested but passing traveler to ask.  But we couldn't help feeling wildly privileged to enjoy our meal and drink and drive away... when he and probably many others cannot.

Our jobs tomorrow include getting hold of an internet dongle which will allow us to blog etc while we are in Bush Buck Ridge next week and Matlosane after that.  Starting slowly is important, as we try to orientate ourselves to what we hope will be a healthy pattern of life for us a family here.

We hope to keep in touch on the blog soon.  Take care, & thanks for reading.

God Bless
Richard. Rose, Andrew and Sam  x