Thursday, 14 July 2011

Thursday 14 July- Bush Buck Ridge (Hluvukhani)... home based care & sports

It's 6.30 & we've just had time to draw breath and take in a cup of tea/coffee/chocolate... we've had another full day in Bush Buck Ridge... 2 hours there and 2 hours back in the car... with plenty of waiting for people to be in the right place... there never seems to be a rush in South Africa... things happen when everyone gets there... which may take a while... greetings are lengthy, really meant and important, and one of the things about Bush Buck Ridge is that there is another different language to pick up key words for... Avuxhenee  (ave- oo- shen- ee)  I think is good morning, to which the repsonse is Ayeeee  (eye-ee)..

We all split up to visit local homes with volunteer care workers from the area, with a Hands@Work worker who caould translate for us. Many of the visits were to orphaned and vulnerable children... child headed households... who are vulnerable to crime in order to get food, of if the oldest child is female, then there are plenty of men who will offer food for " favours"... all of this is what makes the children vulnerable- if you have no food, and ho help, what can you do?

What the care teams hope to be able to to is arrnage a feeding programme, where each vulnerable child receives a hot meal once a day... to feed 80 children (in the area we visited) costs 5,000 Rand per month... (£500)  doing the sums this means it costs about £6.30ish to provide a meal for a child daily for a  month.  This seems a silly, small amount... and we want to do something about it.

After our home based care visits we went to a school field and gave out peanut butter sandwiches, oranges & juice (for 80 children) made by Mr Stokes, Todd and Jack  (well done... i don't think they will want to see peanut butter again for a while).  While all this was going on, the rest of us played with the kids... ther was even a boys vs girls football match and Chloe scored !  (all in a very ladylike style)

Polly, Celebrate, Nina (volunteers) with Pontos (Hands @Work)  & Matt & Andrew

Sandwiches are very popular... & Kelsey gives out squash
I'll let the team tell their own stories now after our supper...

herloo its me todd.
i dont know what it is when i'm out here in souh africa
 but when we go out on these home visits to help the young children out in different communites i always seem to talk to some one , when like to day we went out to bush buck ridge to do home visits. But because of yesterday i went out doing a home visit. so i said ill stop around in the van and do the sandwichs so me jack n barry did that. But as we was in the van a little lad came to the side door and opened it because he saw the balloons he started to cry because he wanted one. But he couldnt have one just yet because obvs reasons. but in the end we gave in but fair play to the lad he stopped around the van and he went atfer about half an hour but came back. he was watching us do the food and started to cry saying he was hungry i havent had food so i gave him a samwhich. he stopped around all day then untill we had to move away in the vans. but they was something about him i really took to for some reason. when it was time to come away i had a little tear come to my eyes. due to because he was living out in the community on his own as he mother n father have died. but wha really getts to me is i aint going to see him again. but how do i know where he is sleeping how he is. if he going to be safe for to night or untill his older. i just wannted to help so much but they is nothing i could do. south africa is really upsetting. but thanks to all the support of the lot who have been ear with me i have manged to get though the week..... bye from todd