Friday, 15 July 2011

Sports and Food at Hluvukhani- Friday 15th July

Our final day at Bush Buck Ridge- working with care volunteers and the orphaned and vulnerable children they support.  Making sandwiches for 120 children in a mini bus was a new experience for all involved  but the team were creative and we made enough for today and enough for the care workers to take home for other children they oversee and support.

Some headlines.... Balloons and amazed us how much delight can be had with things which we take for granted... the children we met with played with team members for hours today and we were sad to have not bought enough balloons for every child to have one... but we can pass some on to the care workers before we come back home.

Food... having the privilege of giving out food is a mixed blessing... giving out something which is so needed and wanted is lovely, knowing that it is really helping the children..... but there is a horrible sense of unfainess...that we are giving out something which really should not be in the hands of only one or two people to give to other- but should be had by all to share... and the gratefulness of the children only reinforces this feeling for me (Richard).  How can it be that something as basic as one meal a day is a hope for them and  something which we take for granted?

Holding hands and a hug... perhaps it is the lack of care and support which some childnren here experience.. but it was a moving sight to see many of our young people, (who might be reluctant to show affection to unkown younger children when at home)  walking around a school playing field with their hands being held, or with a child on their shoulders, or giving a cuddle.  Perhaps the need here draws the love out of us when we are amongst

Remarkable people... amongst the children are some heros and heroines who pour out love they have received from God into the children's lives... I met Jane and Petrus and Hector and Audrey... who work tirelessly with compassion and determination to serve these children.  They are incredible and all deserve a medal.

We were sorry to go at 3.30 but needed to in order to get back to base while it is light.  Having said that there are some exhausted young people  (not to meniton the older ones!)  They will not be blogging tonight as we are turning in early since we are off to the Kruger National Park tomorrow... a 5.30am  departure (!!!!)

Thanks for following and for your encouragement and prayers.

The team are tired, but we're that we have been able to link up with so many people so far
God Bless...

On behalf of all the team.... Richard