Friday, 22 July 2011

Safely back home- 22 July 2011

Hi everyone, we arrived back in the UK this morning at about 6.40am after a good flight from Johannesburg.  We were then plicked up by drivers from Saunders Travel, and in no time at all, a tired but satisfied team were unloading bags and being met by family and friends at Great Wyrley High School.

A big, big thank you to all who have been involved in this year's visit.. you were remarakable, generous with your time and care and hard working in some quite difficult situations.  Well done...

And  a big, big thank you to everyone who has supported, donated aand encouraged the team over recent months.  Thanks to those who have followed the blog... it has really encouraged us to know that folk at home were rooting for us and thinking of us and praying for us.

Thanks also go to the teams of people who met us and welcomed us in the three charities we visited... at Hands@Work, Mercy Air and St Mary's Hospital in Durban (for the Baby Bear Project)... your work is remarkable and it has been our privilege to witness the wonderful work you do in support of people in need.

We want to give thanks to God for our safety, often in some tricky situations - and for giving us stamina to keep going through a very busy 2 week visit.  God cares for all the people we have met and those who are caring for them are doing God's work with his help- and it has been wonderful to meet some remarkable people, giving dignity, care and respect to others in need.

This is not the nd of the blog ! The 2011 team will be meeting up on Thursday at Rose & Richard's home for lunch (11.30ish)  to share photos and work out what  the next steps are in our efforts to suppor the people and communities we have met.  We  will be uploading photos to a photobucket website and then linking them to the blog... so please keep following as we offer some reflections as we get used to being in England again... and try to speak up for those we have met, who often do  not have a voice.

Also time was short to blog while we were on the visit in South Africa, so we hope that tema members will offer some thoughts and reports about things we did which didn;t make it onto the blog.

In the mean time, thanks for following and see you soon... below is our final team photo as we left Mercy Air on Thursday

God bless ...Richard Westwood, visit co-leader