Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ryan & Rhiannon's Day

Ryan: Hiya! It's ryan, everything over here is amazing, i really don't know where to start, there's Boo the dog, a.k.a the softest rottweiller in the world, reminds me of Henry (our dog), this place is just brilliant, the views are beautiful, the people are beautful, and the way of life is beautiful. For example... today i met girl called Wendy, she wake sup at 6 every morning and fetches 75kg of water in leeking drums, along a very unflat floor, with a wonkey wheelbarrow, she then walks for 2 hours to school everyday, and back! for this reason, Joe nicknamed her "Hench Wendy" hehe.  In other topics, the church sessions are amazingly energetic, and unfortunately on sunday we met other people, who took our cameras, is the the simplest way of putting it, fortunately thanks to David Bentley and his consistency, we got them back with all the pictures on them :) so very happy. Some people are still cut up and sore from the adventure.

Been playing guitar every night with joe and shane, allowing them the privilege of listening to my beautiful singing (insert sarcasm), been writing songs with them aswell, also listening to mae's and lizz's beautiful singing :) who are actually really good at singing.

Last night we sat round a campfire sharing absolutley terrible jokes, was a brilliant night, and i also did not not stop playing guitar.

Don't mean to be dragging on, just letting family and friends know how i'm getting on, hope you're all well (:

P.s. Mom, there IS a washing machine, so the 42'389.5 pairs of socks you put in my suitcase means i don't actually have to wash anything, hehe :)

Hi, it's Rhiannon, still here having a great time. Really don't want to come home! Ive seen some really moving things over the past week, we all have, but we're all getting on fine. I have taken lots of great photos and cannot wait to come home to share them all with you along with all the our wonderful experiences. Hope you're all well, miss you all...much love xxx