Saturday, 16 July 2011

only one week left :(

Hello its Leah here, Today we went to Kruga Park and saw loads of animals: lions, elephants, deers, zebras, cheaters and more hehe :) I havent wrote on the blog in a few days so I thought I would today. Yesterday was probably the best day but by far the most upsetting, we bonded with children and learnt their stories. Me, Ryan, Mae, Kelsey, Richard and Sam prepared their lunch (peanut butter and jam sandwich) mwhaha! I met a girl called Kindness she was my age (14/15)  and had a younger sister who's 12 they hadn't eaten in three days! This got to me because it makes me relise that everyone takes food and water for granted.

Less than one week left now :( it's gone so quick. Don't want it to end now! But missing home alot, hope everyones ok, see you soon love you. Leah :')