Saturday, 16 July 2011

not wanting to go home!

its mae here i haven't wrote on here for a little while so i thought id fill everyone back home in on what's been happening :)

for the past few days we have been doing home based visits which involves going into the communities and the villages and visiting people in there homes. i quite enjoyed the visits but at the same time some of the things you hear and see leave a massive impact on you afterwards. at first you worry about what to say to them, what not to say and whether you'd feel comfortable just walking into their homes but i was quite surprised at how easy it was to engage in a conversation with them and how made welcome you felt. as soon as they saw you arrive there was always somebody waiting with a bunch of chairs for you to sit on and you were always greeted with a handshake. the care workers who were with us on the visits too were absolubtly fantastic too and i thank them for that- its amazing how they do these visits day in day out for free without even the slightest of doubts.
also the many people i have visited have touched my heart, i have their many interesting and inspirational stories to tell when i get back.

another thing i wanted to write about was the sports day we did yesterday. this sports day in particuarly made the hugest impact on me so far. we went to a place called Hluvukani to a local high school. i spent the first half of the day making peanut butter sandwhiches in the mini van (which was quite a mission, and very messy) with leah, kelsey, ryan and sam and the second half i met these four young girls who were all at the 6ish/7ish age called Pleasure, Siyabonga, Andile and Nsyku- my four little sisters by the end of the day. they taught me some hand clapping rhymes and they really liked playing simple catch games. they couldn't speak much english at all yet i felt like we understood everything we were saying to eachother, i spent the whole day with them and they never left my side, the oddest thing of all was that if one of them had skipped off to fetch a skipping rope or something i would instanly check around the play field to make sure they were ok, literally like one of my own siblings had wondered off. it was so enlightening to get to know them and they put a smile on my face the whole day, the hardest bit by far was having to say goodbye. all of girls also had a bit of attention of some south african lads which i wont blog about! haha. well that was embarrassing. :')

ive noticed that not alot of people have mentioned how we're getting along as a team.
i feel like i get along with everyone. there is going to be times when you really want to argue with some people and there are the odd one or two i never felt comfortable around.. but as the week has gone on i feel like that any previous or personal problems have been pushed aside and we are all getting along amazingly as a team. :)

sorry for the rambling haha and i hope everybody at home is doing well!
goodnight <3