Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Home Based Care in Siphumandla- Tuesday 12 July

Hi Folks, here's a brief update on Tuesday's activities...

We went with the Hands at work team to the Community Based Organization at Siphumandla... a community about 45 minutes drive from our base.

As we arrived we were given a warm, sung welcome... which hopefully you can see and hear a bit of on the video. \

The local volunteers took us the people they visit each week, many of whom are orphaned and vulnerable children who have not other support to lean on. The volunteers have great courage and are so generous with their time and love tot he people they serve... and to us.

It was great that the Siphumandla local team seemed really encouraged by us coming to visit them. Hopefully some of the young people will be able to tell you on the blog about the homes they visited.

See you soon & thanks for following. You are encouraging and helping us.

God Bless

Richard Westwood