Monday, 11 July 2011

Home based care in Senzokuhle- Monday 11th July

We had a later start this morning... and went with Hands @ work volunteers to the community of Senzokuhle... about 40 minutes  drive from our base...
...One of the families we met  were three children, Beki (18) [Back right], Makhosazana (12) [front left] and Sibonisa (4) who live with their 81 year old great grandmother...[centre back] younger relatives have died.  We were able to help with some gardening.  This picture shows the family with their community volunteers (Rhoda nad Eunice) who are supporting them with practical help ... cleaning and care every week.  We  prayed with them and helped with som gardening.

Hi! this is ryan, lots of fun so far, diaries half full already, yesterday was quite eventful and will probably be a story told for a while lol. Hello to everyone at home, hope you're all okay :)

hello it's leah here :) missing everyone but its been really good so far abit of an eventful day yesterday but everyones well. Today we went to a local communtity and helped out with people in need it was upsetting but after while it was very good to see what people do to help each other out when they barely have anything themselves. Weathers hot but abit chily at night. Hope everyones ok at home :) see you all soon byeeeeeeee :')

hello, it's mae here.. the past few days have been completely surreal but absolubtly brilliant.
i have met some amazing people and seen some amazing things. it has been a real eye opener and i cant wait to see what the rest of this trip brings. yesterday went a little crazy and like ryan said, it will be a story that will be told for a while :') i hope everyone at homes ok, and i will try to keep the blog updated... see you all soon, bye :D

Hello it's kelsey, the trip so far is going really well, i have learnt so much already. Today we went to into the community and went off in groups to locals houses to listen to their stories and do any jobs that they needed us to do and basically be slaves for them. I thought that it was really good because it showed us just what their life styles are like and how they are completely different to ours. I thought one of the visits was quite upsetting but i think the visits went really well and i really enjoyed it. I hope everyone at home is ok and i'll see everyone soon :')

Hello everyone its Matt, what a wierd start to our South Africa trip! There's been a lot of things we have done already like get chased by some people who didnt agree with us taking photos and get chased down one side of the mountain full of thorns not what I had in mind but apart from that I know for a fact that it is going to change my life! See you soon people <3

Hello, it's Rhiannon, having a great time so far. Everyone has been lovely, couldn't have found a nicer group of people to come with. We have done so much already and there is so much more to come! South Africa is a beautiful place and the people are so welcoming - well most of them! I cannot wait to find out what else is in store for the week and there is no doubt we are all going to enjoy whatever it may be. I feel like I've had the experience of a lifetime already and cannot wait to share it with all of you when we return.\But, hope you're all having a nice time at work, missing you all, see you

Haiii! it's Chloe. Its been a bit of a culture shock and a tad scary at times but, in all honesty it's been amazing so far. I'm sharing the most life changing experience ever with some truely immense people, and I'm so greatful of their company. Africa is beautiful, and the people are beautiful, I've never met such an enthusiasic bunch ever, and their hospitality is second to non. It's only been 4 days and it's been amazing, so I can't wait to see what other experiences I'm yet to have :) see you soon ;D x

Richard here now... so you have a range of views of our time so far...

some good news is that all of the cameras which were "confiscated" have been returned to the charity base and passed on to us in good working order and without any photos removed or delete.

Our group have been visiting people in local communities who have been affected by HIV/AIDS... several of us met with children who have become head of their families  because both their parents have died from AIDS related illnesses.... they have such courage and he work of the Hands @ Work partners is factistic.  We are so impressed with these volunteers who give their time and care for free... generously over many years.

I'll try to get some photos up later.  Bye for now & thanks for following.  Richard