Sunday, 17 July 2011

going to accidently purposly forget my passport :(

Hello it's Leah. This is all i've been saying ^"im goingt to accidently purposly forget my passport!"o
I know i already blogged about Kruga but yesterday when we were there it felt so surreal how all this wealth of Kruga got to the front of my mind but then on the way back we drove past these little children and then it hit me again!
Today a few of us went to the Afrcan styled church rather than the English styled church,  It was good day today also all of the people were so welcoming and instantly came up to us and shook our hands and said there name(s). It's so extraordinary how they can all be going through so much but then be so open armed - there so selfless! But behind this front, there parched - today the man that was preaching saw me with a bottle of water and asked me if he could have some, I let him have it. It just shows how much there faith impacts their life with them having smiles on their faces but deep down their just as vulnerable as the people we have all been seeing last week. Last week was hard for me but I relised that what we are doing (providing food) isnt everything because we could have just sent food over but they enjoy our presence and that is what's remarkable about it all!
Was planning on writing more but there's been a power cut and i dont want the battery on the laptop to run down too much - sorry about the spelling mistakes :| its pitch black mwhaha!
Missing everyone i love you all. nighttttttttt :)