Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Clinic Visit .. Wednesday 20th July

Hi it's Kelsey, today we went to a treatment session and Cathy (Mercy Air owner) works there. When we was on our way there i wasn't that nervous although i didn't know exactly what we'd be doing because we had done many community visits before this and they had all gone fine and i'd enjoyed them all. All school holidays have finished now so the children that were there were all little. When we got there we went into this little building and that is where all the workers were doing the treatment and our jobs were to look after the little kids and play with them outside. I played with all the children but there was this one boy who i was with most of the morning and he followed me around everywhere. I fed him yoghurt and played catch with him although he was too young to be able to catch the ball and i picked him up quite a lot because when i put him down he started crying so i just had to carry him all the time. I really enjoyed today, seeing all the little kids having fun and seeing people who need treatment actually receiving it but the worst part of community visits is saying bye to everyone and when i had to say bye to this little boy he started crying and was calling me 'moma' and this made me upset because all he wanted all day was to be cuddled/hugged so he musn't get much of this at home. Overall i am glad that we all went to this clinic today because i was glad to see all the little kids happy and smiley.