Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bush Buck Ridge...Orphaned & Vulnerable Children Wed 13 July

Hi Richard here...Today the team headed off for a two hour drive to Bush Buck Ridge... where some of the most needy people in South Africa live...  Many of the folk who live there are refugees (or children of refugees but born in South Africa) from Mozambique.  Many people have no papers, no birth certificates, no proof of ID and so are not able to  receive any help from the state so they are extremely vulnerable... parents often are compelled to work (without any legal protection) away from their children... who are somtimes left by themselves... it sounds drastic to us, but when there is no other way to get money for food, people will often do what they would otherwise never do.

Hands at Work aim to work with the most needy people... those who are not receiving help from anyone else.  When Simon, the key worker for the area, came to tell us last night about the situation of many of the children we were amazed and saddened and a the same time aware that we might be able to bring a little tiny bit of hope to some of these communities... simply by going there we are telling them that they are not forgotten.

I'll let the young people tell you how it went today...

Hi all it's Lizz; I didn't do any home visits today but made the sandwiches for the kids, and then walked into the building where they were sitting quietly waiting in rows for something to happen. I tried to communicate with kids that didn't speak much or any English, chatting a bit to the older girls and then games began as the rest of the team arrived. At the very end I was sitting with three girls around me as we closed in a prayer that prayed safety for them tonight, and I began to cry as I realised they'd been so happy playing with us but we had no idea what kind of home they were returning to and how vulnerable they actually are.

Hello its leah. Today there was two things that we participated in - homebase care and a school sports day but because it rained abit we came up with idea's inside the school hall. The children in the homes that we visited came to the school hall and they recieved a peanutbutter and jam sandwich, a orange and a drink of water. The girls and boys recognised me straight away and we started speaking (there english wasn't as developed as Senza Kugley but good enough to interpret) they braided my hair and found It halarious - all the children are so happy concidering what they've got. When we went all the children hugged us and then it hit me what they were going back to. missing home alot love you all :)