Monday, 18 July 2011

Building a path through some bushes and trees...Monday 18th July

Hi its Joe, Today we were asked to help clear some of the bush at the Hands At Work base. We were working with Steve who is one of the maintenance/construction team and two men from the comunity (Bethwell & Nevermind). We had some of our group clearing bushes, some digging up roots and others cutting and moving the branches. I was one of the lucky guys with a pick-axe who was digging up stumps and roots, my hands and arms are aching, it makes me wonder how the guys here can do that kind of work from 9 to 4 everyday in the African heat, I had to drink 5 bottles of water to stop my head spinning - and this is a South African winter!


 Hi its jack, today I knew I was going to be digging... but what i got asked to do was not what i expected. I expected the digging to be easy but it was harder than i thought. We had to dig out a footpath for people who lives at the hands at work base. When they said digging it wasn't!   It was like chopping a forest down and digging roots. It was hard digging the roots out because they were deep into the ground and very thick. I thought the team done a good job of the footpath. It was very hard as well because of the heat it was very hot and this is their winter the workers have to do this in the summer as well so it must be hard for them in the summer and all they get is a half hour break at 1:00.