Tuesday, 5 July 2011

48 hours and counting...!!!

Hi eveyone... after counting down in months, weeks and days we are now counting down in hours until we set off for South Africa.

We hope to keep everyone at home up to date with what is going on the 2011 visit if we can.  So please pass on the blog address to freinds, family and anyone who you think might want to find out how the visit is going.

We have heard from Hands @ Work that we will probably be invovled in organising  and leading some sports activtity days with the young people in the communities which we visit... which will be fun and challenging all at the same time.  This means that the sports equipment which as been donated by members of out local community will be really useful.  We are taking out some un-inflated footballs and other sports kit whcih has been doanted by Hawkins Sports Club.... so many thanks to them for that and for all the other people who have gievn us items to take out to give away or pass on.

A massive thank you to the school leadership of both the high schools invovled for giving the go ahead for the students and teachers from their schools to be involved.  And ... and a huge thank you to anyone and everyone who have given money to support the students who are taking part.  We cannot thank you enough.  Hopefully, when you see the ways in which the young people on the visit are able to link up with people in communities in South Africa you will feel that your money has been well spent.

We leave from Great Wyrley Performing Arts High School at 11am on Thursday 7th July for an evenign flight from Heathrow.  Please pray for us and or think of us as we set out.... we all feel we are going on your behalf. ...And many of us believe that it is God who will put the people we meet on our hearts.
Thanks for your support.

I'd better go now... got some packing to do!  Richard Westwood