Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sponsored Stay Awake- 18 & 19 March 2011

Last weekend saw some very tired eyes at the end of our 12 hour Sponsored Stay Awake in St Mark's Church Hall.  There were some fantastic "dens" built with nothing more than tables, cushions & blankets and plenty of table tennis played.

The good news is that everyone who was there managed to keep their eyes open through the night and will have raised a good amount of money towards their flight to South Africa in July.  Our thanks to St Marks Church for the venue, to Quinton Fish Bar for some welcome Chips & pies to get the evening going, to Shane & Jip who stayed the course and to everyone who sponsored all those who took part. 

Thank you to the good friends who came to take part even though they will not be going to South Africa this year.  To anyone who suffered a seriously grumpy young person on the Saturday.  We are really sorry... but we hope you agree it was all in good cause.  As you can see from the survivors photo... it was tough, but worthwhile.  Thanks to all involved. Richard Westwood