Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sponsored Stay Awake- 18 & 19 March 2011

Last weekend saw some very tired eyes at the end of our 12 hour Sponsored Stay Awake in St Mark's Church Hall.  There were some fantastic "dens" built with nothing more than tables, cushions & blankets and plenty of table tennis played.

The good news is that everyone who was there managed to keep their eyes open through the night and will have raised a good amount of money towards their flight to South Africa in July.  Our thanks to St Marks Church for the venue, to Quinton Fish Bar for some welcome Chips & pies to get the evening going, to Shane & Jip who stayed the course and to everyone who sponsored all those who took part. 

Thank you to the good friends who came to take part even though they will not be going to South Africa this year.  To anyone who suffered a seriously grumpy young person on the Saturday.  We are really sorry... but we hope you agree it was all in good cause.  As you can see from the survivors photo... it was tough, but worthwhile.  Thanks to all involved. Richard Westwood

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Facebook,Youtube and everything else :)

Hey everyone, Hannah here from the 2010 team. Just to update you on some of the websites we now have, if you want to add anything onto any of them just let me know and email me which ill put on at the end of all the other links.
Facebook Site :!/group.php?gid=190819371441
Youtube Account :
Some of the videos that may not load on youtube :!/video/?oid=190819371441
Photos from 2010:
My email :
Hope you find this usful, Hannah x

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A good day of fundraising...

Last saturday (5th March) was a busy day. Rachel Kearsey organised a book fair at St Andrews Church and most of the school team (with a fair few extra helpers) turned out to pack bags at Tesco in Heath Hayes. Our thanks to Tesco for giving us the chance to do this, and for their welcome. ( I have it on good authority that the chips in the canteen were a welcome break)

Thanks also to anyone who allowed us to pack their bags... we hope we didn't bash the bread or squash the sausages! and thanks too for all the donations.
A wonderful total of over £800 was donated which is fantasitic

Many thanks to all who donated at the bag pack or bought at the book fair.

Here are some action shots to show what went on.

Our next team fundraising events are...

18/19 March 8pm -8am... Sponsored stay awake for the schools team, at St Marks Church Hall

Monday 28 March 7pm Link 4 Life Indian Buffet Night at the Padma Lounge, Cannock.
Tickets are £15 (of which £7.50 goes to the Link 4 Life Schools Team visit in 2011) > Pleae post a comment if you would like to know more.

Thanks for reading.
Richard Westwood

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Thankyou to all those who donated books and helped yesterday. We managed to raise over £100 and I some how came away with more books than I started with! If anyone would like to buy three bin bags full of Danielle Steel then please let me know. Thankyou again