Friday, 6 August 2010


Update over the last few days...

We all arrived safely home earlier today with a long and eventful travel home with delays on the plane due to a queue on the runway and then a plane having a punctured wheel on the runway.

Over the last few days a lot seems to have happened and it has
been varied among the group. On Tuesday most of the group had the pleasure of visiting Kruger National Park which was an amazing experience with us all seeing lots of different animals including 4 of the top 5 animals: Buffalo, Lion, Black Rhino and White Rhino. Along with our group we were joined by two other volunteers working at Mercy Air from the Netherlands Josh and Stephen who have been working at Mercy Air for the last few weeks.

On Wednesday the group split into different groups completing several different experiences. The remaining few members of the group who were unable to attend Kruger National Park on Tuesday went for the day while Me, Julie, Stacey and Lynn went back to Hands At Work for the morning to join some volunteers in attending some based care. This was a great opportunity and experience as we met different patients which some of the group had met on our previous visits last week. We also had the privilege of delivering some of the aid that out group had brought for the patients to try and help them in their struggle to improve their situation. The delight and appreciation on the patients faces was priceless and really showed what a little difference a basic donation or aid can do
for a patient as some have no income and little money.

Now I am home I have already began to see changes in my own life and the way I see things around me and I know that working alongside the three charities has opened my eyes to how my career path can further help people in South Africa and in other regions. I also know for sure that I will return to South Africa to continue to work for the charities on a longer term basis in the future hopefully.

Robyn xxx