Sunday, 1 August 2010


The last few days have been very interesting. We have had some long and tough days with saturday being the first day of our project demolishing a house at Mercy AIr. This has been quite difficult as we have limited tools but I seem to have found a method with the small sledge hammer to destroy the interior walls (it has been good stress relief!) I have also enjoyed helping to take off the corrugated metal off the roof which was an interesting experience as there doesn't seem to be any health and safety plans like England. Today we have had a break from the work by visiting a local church which reminded me off a smaller version of Soul Survivor with the informal seating and lively music led by a band. It was a great service and was a bit shorter than the church service last week so I found it much more enjoyable. We also took a trip to Blyde River Canyon where we looked through God's window view point. The viewpoint was amazing and was so incredible that I didn't want to leave as it was so peaceful and beautiful. Tomorrow we continue work on the destruction of the building :) so hard days work lies ahead for us all! xxx