Monday, 2 August 2010

Feeding programme in Mozambique

We have just spent our first whole day in Mozambique. We went out with Heather and squeezed into one car, some of us sitting on sacks of grain, and drove around the community delivering food to orphans. Each child was given oil, rice, maize, beans, salt, dried fish and soap. They aren't given enough for a month and will need to supplement the food themselves. Wherever we went we were met with smiles and a welcome. In one house we had a go at pounding maize. In another we watched a lady making clay pots. At the end of the day as it got dark, we walked into the bush and watched as Cathy and Lynn, both nurses, dressed the wounds of a man who had fallen in the fire and burned his legs. His wound has already become infected and he will need to get to the hospital tomorrow or Wednesday. It is such a privilege to be able to visit people in their own homes. This is a beautiful country and we have met so many gracious people.