Sunday, 1 August 2010


Hello everyone home in England where I am now and the community team and Liz and everyone still out in South Africa, can i start by saying all the people going to Mozambique have an amazing time and stay safe Liz when you get back you are going to have to tell us all about it.

But back to being home, I have been home now for nearly three days, and he mod en Uk way of life is rather a shock to the system after spending my time out in Africa. My room when I got home in some ways it was painful to go into but more awkward the
an anything, seeing that many of the peoples homes I visited was smaller than my room, and also they had less possessions than a section of my room had scattered around it. Then seeing all the food in the fridge was hard, compared to others, also we went out to day and going and getting new school shoes, knowing although my old ones are tattered, they are in so much better condition than some of the children's shoes I had seen, also at least I had some. But i guess I have to remember, me getting new school shoes or not getting any isn't going to directly help them, but what i do need to do is remember the things i saw the lessons i learnt, tell people about it. And do all I can to help witht the fundraising and help the communities out there as much as I can.