Friday, 6 August 2010


Update over the last few days...

We all arrived safely home earlier today with a long and eventful travel home with delays on the plane due to a queue on the runway and then a plane having a punctured wheel on the runway.

Over the last few days a lot seems to have happened and it has
been varied among the group. On Tuesday most of the group had the pleasure of visiting Kruger National Park which was an amazing experience with us all seeing lots of different animals including 4 of the top 5 animals: Buffalo, Lion, Black Rhino and White Rhino. Along with our group we were joined by two other volunteers working at Mercy Air from the Netherlands Josh and Stephen who have been working at Mercy Air for the last few weeks.

On Wednesday the group split into different groups completing several different experiences. The remaining few members of the group who were unable to attend Kruger National Park on Tuesday went for the day while Me, Julie, Stacey and Lynn went back to Hands At Work for the morning to join some volunteers in attending some based care. This was a great opportunity and experience as we met different patients which some of the group had met on our previous visits last week. We also had the privilege of delivering some of the aid that out group had brought for the patients to try and help them in their struggle to improve their situation. The delight and appreciation on the patients faces was priceless and really showed what a little difference a basic donation or aid can do
for a patient as some have no income and little money.

Now I am home I have already began to see changes in my own life and the way I see things around me and I know that working alongside the three charities has opened my eyes to how my career path can further help people in South Africa and in other regions. I also know for sure that I will return to South Africa to continue to work for the charities on a longer term basis in the future hopefully.

Robyn xxx

Monday, 2 August 2010


Progress on the demolishing of the house ... Today me and Shaun have finished removing the roof which has been a tough challenge with it being a hot day 2day. Everyone has worked really hard with us being able to demolish the ceiling (by climbing across the roof in some cases!) completely as well as removing all the interior walls to leave the wooden planks alone to hold up the house. The next big challenge for us on Wednesday will be the removal of the wooden cladding as Mercy Air want to reuse a much of the wood as possible. Tomorrow we have our only other day off to visit Kruger National Park which we are all looking forward to. Robyn xxx

Feeding programme in Mozambique

We have just spent our first whole day in Mozambique. We went out with Heather and squeezed into one car, some of us sitting on sacks of grain, and drove around the community delivering food to orphans. Each child was given oil, rice, maize, beans, salt, dried fish and soap. They aren't given enough for a month and will need to supplement the food themselves. Wherever we went we were met with smiles and a welcome. In one house we had a go at pounding maize. In another we watched a lady making clay pots. At the end of the day as it got dark, we walked into the bush and watched as Cathy and Lynn, both nurses, dressed the wounds of a man who had fallen in the fire and burned his legs. His wound has already become infected and he will need to get to the hospital tomorrow or Wednesday. It is such a privilege to be able to visit people in their own homes. This is a beautiful country and we have met so many gracious people.


Back again - I lost it the first time, trying again now!
I am trying to put two group photos on - the first was taken on St Mark's car park when we were leaving for Heathrow - how challenged and changed have we been since then!!! The second was taken on the steps at Hands @ Work village, before we left to come here to Mercy Air. The lady in the picture is Seedy, a volunteer who came out with us several times. She lives some way away in Nespruit and comes in by taxi, so she effectively pays for the privilege of volunteering in the community.
Ok it's taken over two and a half hours for five photos so I am signing off for now before I become an iceberg!
Much love and blessings to all.xx


Hi Folks it's Lynne here. Just for a change, trying the blog in the daytime as I couldn't get it up last night. I am going to try to add some photos this time, to let
you know what we have been up to...
This is not very easy for a technophobe like me so bear with me...

Good picture of the schools party yes? I think this is taken at God's Window in Blyde River Canyon - which is the third largest in the world. We went there yesterday afternoon after church and it was awesome! We went to Touz Hill Church this week, which is mainly white South African, fairly evangelical, as opposed to Hope of Glory last week, which is mainly black South African and more evangelical.
Okay, let's have another look through Richard's photos and see what I can find...
It looks as if the pictures are coming on top of each other instead of following on. Lions and tigers and bears... well not quite, but elephants, giraffes, deer, lots of birds etc. This was the school party visit to Kruger National Park - a bit bigger than West Midlands Safari Park but you get the idea - stay in the car!! We are going there tomorrow, a treat after a hard day's work demolishing the building today. I say treat, if you call getting up at 4am a treat! Most of the gang are knocking the house down at the moment but somebody with a great deal of patience was needed to upload these photos - the two have taken an hour so far!! I can see my family laughing at this and thinking it would have been far easier for me to knock the house down! We are having to be very careful to save as much as possible, as it has to be used again to make another house for a missionary.
Let's go back to why we are really here and see if I can get a photo of Shane playing his guitar...
No I can't, it's here somewhere. The orphans at the kindergarten loved Shane playing his guitar for them. When we went they were asking if anybody had got one - unfortunately not! The picture is at one of the deworming stations - they have to show that they have chewed the tablet before they get the treats - peanut butter sandwich, crisps, an orange and some squash.
Let me try and see if I can put a photo of our group on, bear with me, I'll post this first to be on the safe side...

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Hello everyone home in England where I am now and the community team and Liz and everyone still out in South Africa, can i start by saying all the people going to Mozambique have an amazing time and stay safe Liz when you get back you are going to have to tell us all about it.

But back to being home, I have been home now for nearly three days, and he mod en Uk way of life is rather a shock to the system after spending my time out in Africa. My room when I got home in some ways it was painful to go into but more awkward the
an anything, seeing that many of the peoples homes I visited was smaller than my room, and also they had less possessions than a section of my room had scattered around it. Then seeing all the food in the fridge was hard, compared to others, also we went out to day and going and getting new school shoes, knowing although my old ones are tattered, they are in so much better condition than some of the children's shoes I had seen, also at least I had some. But i guess I have to remember, me getting new school shoes or not getting any isn't going to directly help them, but what i do need to do is remember the things i saw the lessons i learnt, tell people about it. And do all I can to help witht the fundraising and help the communities out there as much as I can.


The last few days have been very interesting. We have had some long and tough days with saturday being the first day of our project demolishing a house at Mercy AIr. This has been quite difficult as we have limited tools but I seem to have found a method with the small sledge hammer to destroy the interior walls (it has been good stress relief!) I have also enjoyed helping to take off the corrugated metal off the roof which was an interesting experience as there doesn't seem to be any health and safety plans like England. Today we have had a break from the work by visiting a local church which reminded me off a smaller version of Soul Survivor with the informal seating and lively music led by a band. It was a great service and was a bit shorter than the church service last week so I found it much more enjoyable. We also took a trip to Blyde River Canyon where we looked through God's window view point. The viewpoint was amazing and was so incredible that I didn't want to leave as it was so peaceful and beautiful. Tomorrow we continue work on the destruction of the building :) so hard days work lies ahead for us all! xxx