Friday, 16 July 2010

waiting to go

Not long now till we go just a few more hours till we can get on the plane. Today has been very long with some tearful goodbyes and some big laughs already. We had a long jounrney down to heathrow and on te wyrley bus we managed to gain nicknames and learn them in sign laungage. Got to airport and all checked in fine. Then sat and did alot of waiting Reading about cheryl cole having malria. We are now in deparures lounge and all feeling differnt emotions. Very nervous but also extermely exited. So will speak to you when were in Africa :D
Hannah x

it's Amy-Leigh here we're sat waiting in the departures lounge and it really doesn't really help the tension! Ohhhh, I'm actually going to Africa now I've waited a year and a bit for it all to be sumarised in two weeks. Just sitting in this departure lounge is the beginning of two exciting weeks ahead! See you all soon, we'll keep you updated :) xx

hi it's jess, (Ginge) I am really really exited for this now. But my feet hurt and I have headache I don't care though. :P I have waited so long for this tip and we have all put enormus amounts f effort into it. I just can't wait to get there and get the experience of a lifetime. I'm really looking forward to everything. :) xxxxx