Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tuesday 20 July- Hands at Work visits

Here are some photos of a few of the things we have been involved with yesterday and today...

In the middle is the Hands at Work Lodge where we are staying... it has beautiful views and has become home while we are here- good food (cooked by our own hands!) and a clean place to wash, sleep and rest...

On the bottom is Abbie, Jess, Hannah and Charlotte giving out food to some children as part of the de-worming programme we have been helping with. Each child has a de-worming tablet, and some food and drink to help it go down!
At the top is Gerogia with some of the children we met at the primary school yesterday.

Today has been very full, an early start and a late finish- so we have been glad of a bit more time this evening to relax and talk about our experiences.
So many needy people, and the care volunteers who visit them are unpaid and so their care work on top of employment and family responsibilities. The welcome we have been given by everyone whose home we are privileged to visit has been remarkable and very humbling.
The heart and generosity of the care workers and the community has been overwhelming... We are amazed at how pleased people are to see us. We often feel awkward, don't know what to say and can't understand the conversation in Siswati until someone interprets for us. But however strange it might feel to be in someone's home who we don't know, it is such a privilege to be with them.

More news tomorrow... thanks for following and your support... without your help and God's we wouldn't be here! Richard Westwood