Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Monday 19 July 2010…. Hands at Work

We have begun to settle ina fter a hectic couple of days... Sorry that we have not been able to post much on the blog until now, but we ahve not been able to get access to the internet.

On Sunday we attended a local Church in Masoyi (Hope of Glory Church)... then went food shopping at a supermarket in White River... not as easy as you might think!...

Today we have have visited a primary school and been involved in Home Based Care visits, as well as helping with de worming! ... all of this alongside Hands at Work staff.

All very tiring, but rewarding and leaving us with lots to think about...
... Richard Westwood

Here are some thoughts of some of the young people who have been invovled in the activities of the last few days.

Georgia Siverns...
Hello all! We have all been here for a couple of days now. It has been a great experience so far and we have all been quite tired for the last few days and nights. We had to get up at 6.20 this morning! Georgia.

Danielle Higgins
Today I have been to a primary school, we all ahad a great time, the children were really friendly and welcoming. Yesterday we had our shopping trip. It was really different from shopping in the UK. I really enjoyed seeing all the different foods, I am having a great time here! Missing everyone. Danni.

Abbie Cartwright...
I went on a home based care visit today, I went around with Jip (Joanne) and we firstly saw a woman who was a single parent adn was ill. She had an eldest son who was 19, then two daughters aged 11 and 15. they were all at school when we visited . We did the washing up for her after speaking with her... the water was ice cold! I hav eno idea how anyone could wash in that. Then true blonde, and naive moment- i thought "why are they pouring the water out of a container, why not just use really the tap? " how stupid! It really made me realise how much I take things for granted. Then we saw a man who had a stroke in 2000, his entire house was smaller than my bedroom and all ofn the people he tended to see were were just his neighbours and the home based care visit people> It really made me think, you hear about all this, until you see it you truly don;t know how lucky you are. Abbie

More similar things happening tomorrow. Thanks for following us & supporting & praying for us! The Link 4 Life Schools Team