Friday, 30 July 2010


Hi Lynne again. Days without being able to get on internet and so much has happened!
On Wednesday we went to Bushbrook Ridge and split into three teams at the deworming stations. They were eating chicken's feet! We gave out tablets, peanut butter sandwiches, an orange, bag of crisps and a cup of squash. Then we played games with the children. They were fascinated by our hair and skin colour.
On Thursday we went to a kindergarten - children 3-6 years, plus some babies. They were the poorest of the poor orphans, with nothing and nobody. All they wanted was someone to play with them and hug them. Unlike the children the day before, they wouldn't share their balls that we took for them to play and jealously guarded their 'momma' or 'poppa'.
Today we had our debriefing at Hands @ Work and travelled back to Mercy Air. Some of the party are going to Baby Bear at Durban tomorrow. On Sunday some are going to Mozambique for four days and three nights. As for the rest of us - we are demolishing a building, as carefully as possible to make sure nothing is wasted!
Miss you all at home - Mom I will try to read your email soon, not bad your first email at 87 years old! Got to go now. Love and blessings.