Tuesday, 27 July 2010


It seems ages since we were gathered on the car park! The journey was interminable but at last we arrived at Johannesburg airport. Julie got taken away for being too hot and I got pulled out by a sniffer dog for having fruit!
Eventually we got to Mercy Air, after another 4 hours in the car. We were happy to catch up with the school party for one night only and were amazed at how they had been challenged and changed in the first week.
The next day we went to a fantastic church service, at Hope of Glory church, which lasted three and a half hours! I haven't got the words here to even start to describe it! After lunch we parted company with the schools group and came to Hands at Work village. Now we were really in Africa! Though some of our party were convinced it was Cannock Chase!! We had our orientation talk off Carolyn Snyman and prepared for an early start.
On Monday we were doing Home Based Care in the community - going out with the care workers into peoples' homes. Words are not enough to explain how emotional that was for us all. Everybody was treated so well, by people who have so little hope, but are so cheerful. We went to see a boy called Stevie - 7 years old and the happiest little man you could ever wish to meet - but he is HIV/AIDS and confined to bed - the medicine he was having reacted badly and made him worse - the highlight of his life is when his mom can get Pampers for him. I took to him straight away and was privileged to sit on his bed and hold his hand. I thought of my own 7 year old granddaughter back home, and the difference in their lives! Afterwards we went elsewhere and cleared a vegetable patch.
Today was completely different - physically challenging. Half of us moved 1000 huge building bricks while the other half climbed up a rock face and dug a trench for the water to flow down.
Sorry this is so brief but I will fill you in when we return. Tomorrow we are going to carry out the deworming programme at a school quite a long drive away.
Catch you later!
Love and blessings from us all here.