Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lottie (:

Hellooooo, My last blog today, so lets make it a good 'un eh? ;D
My whole experience here in South Africa, has been amazing, through the highs and the lows, I've loved every second, but now I am excited to go home. There are parts of the trip that will always stick in my mind, and I'm glad of that. I have taken loads of photo's but really I don't need them as reminders for myself, as they have made such an impact on me that I'll never forget most of the things I've seen, but I can show them to other people and tell them the stories behind each photo, and hopefully make an impact on someones life at home.
I think this trip hasn't changed me as a person, but I do think has added to me as a person, I'm still Lottie, but in a way I'm more of a Lottie, as I think I've learned a lot about myself, as well as others. I am going to try not to take anything for granted anymore, and try not to be so wasteful, and complain a lot less about what I get, and not complain if I don't get what I want as I used to, because I've met many many people/children with a lot less, in fact, they have next to nothing, which is why I've given a lot of the clothes I've brought over to hands at work for the people who truly need it.
I want to thank Richard and everyone from hands at work and mercy air, and the teachers, and everyone else who played a part in getting us over here for this amazing experience.
To Finnish, I'm going to say that I'm missing Everyone, Momma, Matt (not you Luke, sorry (: ) Benji, June Gordon, Uncle Bacon, Uncle Kim, Auntie Kim and Val, and mostly Andrew, I Love you all, and I'm lucky to have every one of you.
See you in 2 days,
Love Lottie