Friday, 23 July 2010

jesika :D

hey everyone, i haven't blogged since the airport :S this past week has been so emotional and upsetting and happy and confuzing and a lot of other things. i tink it has recently today sunk in that i am actually in africa and that i have been into such poverty in a completely different culture. i have seen so many life changing things in one week. i would never have thought before this trip that 6 days in this country would completely change my life forever.

Iabsolutely adore this country, the people here are so welcoming and lovely. on my first full day in africa we went to church because it was a sunday. within 10 seconds of me walking into the room where the service was being held i had multiple sets of arms around me and people taking my hands to show me to my seat. at that moment was when i realised i had entered into a completely different world. no one was complaining and everyone acted asif they knew eachother like one massive family. the people in south africa make it so much easier to believe in everything they mention in the church. i never thought i would be so eager to go and spend 3 hours in church. it is such an amazing experience just to be in the church, i reccomend it to anyone who ever chooses to come to africa for future visits, i know i will!
Onmy second day i went to a primary school. when we arrived the children diddnt want to get close to us and some diddn't even aknowlege our prescence, after about half an hour we had them swarmin round our feet begging us to "shoot them" which in africa means to take a photo. they all had such beaming smiles even though they diddn't have anything to play with in their playground. we walked around geting to know the children at first then we were introduced by the head of the school and all of the children seemed intrigued by us. i could tell that lots of them wanted to ask questions but they diddn't know how. we started off by saying our names to the cyhildren then we sang a few songs. one song that we sang, all of the kids enjoyed and at one point a little boy about as high as my waist got up onto the stage and started to dance with us. my mouth dropped. it was absolutely amazing!!! then he gave all of the other children the courage o come and dance too. it started off with about 9 or 10, but when we finished we had nearly 50 kids up with us. de-worming after that was interesting and emotional, i saw a young boy with bright red eyes and sores on his face staring at me. he looked so sad. after a while i notied he was staring at the bag of bread i had in my hand. i felt so helpless when i was giving out that food because i knew that this was probably the first meal they had eaten in days and all i could give hem was a little sandwich, most of the kids that day needed a little attention. when i hugged some, heir arms wrapped to tight and i felt like i never wanted to let go.

anyway im waffling on a bit. im going to beddybies now. i will blog again when i can :D hope everything is good for everyone in england. night night. xxx