Friday, 30 July 2010

hi its Robyn
We have finally managed to get an internet connection so this is my first blog on the site.
Hopefully from now on we should be able to up to date regularly hurray :)
I have now completed a week at Hands At Work and I have thoroughly enjoyed it as well as been challenged and moved by all the wonderful work completed by the volunteers. My favourite aspect from the week has got to be visiting patients houses as part of the home care visits with the volunteers as I was overwhelmed by the welcome that I recieved from all the patients and the joy and happiness that I saw on their face when me and Cathy came to their doors. I found it such a privelidge to be welcomed into their homes and and be told about their life and to see their houses which were amazingly clean and tidy even though they had very little. I will never forget the offer that a patient Jessica offered me to do which was to come back to her house and live with them for a weekend and learn aspects of their life as well as them learning things from me.

The most challenging aspect of this week so far has been coping with 'Africa Time' as i'm told that you can never be late in Africa which can be quite hard to follow when we have to get up very early and then we end up waiting around to find out what to do in the day but we knew it would be challenging!!

Robyn xx